Chris Roberts and his Cloud Imperium Games tell us they’ve raised more than $ 230 million with Star Citizen crowdfunding, and they are releasing a new video diary to show us how they made this incredible amount to improve their universe spend ambitious blockbuster sci-fi.

Star Citizen Video: How a sci-fi game worth 230 million US dollars is created

In the final round of the Inside Star Citizen series, the team at Roberts Space Industries gives us a quick rundown on the work they do in creating an astronomical (in every way!) Persistent Gaming ecosystem.

After giving us a taste of the potential of the CryEngine graphics engine, the creation of the planets that can be explored by our alter ego and the incredible spaceships we will acquire during the free-roaming adventure will show that to us Team under the direction of Roberts the interiors of new spaceships with numerous crews, some of them in preparation sketches and the unique effort found in creating collecting and starting animations of the objects on the alien planet.

Despite these explanatory films, which are a hassle-free development for the massive Star Citizen project, the endless phase of Alpha Testing and the numerous shifts (such as the mid – 2020 standalone module with the Main Squadron 42 campaign), both the industry ‘s employees and also alarmed the numerous enthusiasts, who are waiting anxiously for the final start of the title. For example, the Forbes editorial team recently attempted to summarize the final months of Star Citizen’s development, and Chris Roberts’ management blamed poor money management through industry sourcing and crowdfunding.

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