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Call Of Duty: Warzone Multiplayer Challenges Of The Pacific Event

Vanguard has six multiplayer challenges to complete, and all of them are pretty simple and straightforward.

Mission #001: Get 25 eliminations for an epic rarity calling card
Mission #002: Get 5 Multi Kills for a legendary rarity emblem
Mission #003: Perform 1 finishing move for a legendary weapon charm
Mission #004: Vote for Team MVP in 10 matches for a rare sticker
Mission #005: Play matches with another member of your clan 5 times for a rare spray
Mission #006: Get 3 wins for an epic calling card
The Secrets of the Pacific event is available until December 7. Players can also enjoy double XP, double weapon XP, and double battle pass progression in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War for the extended holiday weekend. The double XP event is not active in Vanguard.

One final event is scheduled for players to say farewell to Warzone’s original map. From November 30 until the preseason’s end, Warzone will feature the Last Hours of Verdansk, which is vaguely described as allowing you to “see what happens to Verdansk before Warzone goes dark to prepare for Caldera.” Activision also says to “expect a spectacular and fitting end to your time in Verdansk as we say farewell to the Kastovian city… forever?”

For more details on what to expect with the new Caldera map and Vanguard integration, here is everything we know about Warzone Pacific and Vanguard’s Season 1 update on December 8. Leakers are already revealing what could be promotional art for Season 1, including potential new operators and weapons.

This Call of Duty content is scheduled to continue as Activision Blizzard faces lawsuits and other investigations related to alleged sexual harassment and discrimination against women. A Wall Street Journal report claims that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick knew of sexual misconduct at the company, including instances of sexual assault and rape. Most recently, Kotick reportedly said he will consider stepping down from Activision Blizzard if issues aren’t fixed quickly.

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